About us

While operating in the national and international sales and consultancy sector for non self-explanatory niche products made of rubber and synthetics, Teigler offers the flexibility of a specialist medium-sized company.
As a supplier for many areas including mechanical engineering, automotive construction, electrical engineering, plant engineering, steel industries and medical engineering, Teigler is particularly known for innovation, competent application consultancy, well assorted stocks and for being in touch with customer needs.
By using the canban system for many of our clients we are able to relieve pressure on the purchasing departments and to reduce storage costs.

produktfoto von teigler

*The above examples are only a small part of our highly specialized portfolio.

Teigler is also an international network partner for various activities and business relations in the sector of technological products and beyond. You can profit from our connections to the Middle East, the Far East and many other countries.
Our international engagement enables us to utilize our expertise and our consulting skills and gives us the chance to forward and implement ideas for any possible kind of new innovative projects.
This mainly includes technology updates, licensing business and joint ventures.

To consistently guarantee and secure high quality and to comply with customer requirements, both now and in future, the company has been certified to DIN ISO 9001 since 1997.

zertifikat nach ISO