Examples of product application

We currently supply the following products (new developments ready for production) to renowned companies:

  • Exhaust mountings for tour buses (rubber-metal buffers or U-mounts)
  • Dampers for oil temperature sensors (viton tips)
  • Rubber cushions for axle bearings in the new vehicle sector
  • Silencing elements for car door panels (rubber-extrusion buffers)
  • Rubber-metal mountings for compressors (bushes)

New developments in project stage:

  • Vibration dampers for the axle area of snow piste preparation vehicles (rubber-metal bushes)
  • Dampers for coilovers in racing touring cars (rubber-metal bushes)
  • Rubber sleeves for sealing immersion rollers in steel mills
  • PU coated metals, half shells as dampers in the construction plant sector
  • Rubber sealing strips for agricultural machinery