polyurethan teileVibration dampers in rubber and metal

Rubber-metal composite parts are constructional elements for damping vibrations and insulating solid-borne sound. They are used in virtually all areas of industry. The use of rubber-metal parts always has to be determined on an individual basis depending on weight, vibrational frequency produced and actual surroundings.
We have a complete range of extensive stock, containing many items for active and passive suppression of noise and vibration.

Castings and mouldings made of polyurethane elastomers

We supply castings and mouldings in Vulkollan® D15 and polyurethane D44 made according to customer drawings or samples.
The advantages which these elastic materials provide for extremely high, dynamic loads are as follows:

  • High mechanical resistance to wear
  • Good resistance to many oils, greases and solvents
  • High elasticity throughout the hardness range from approx. 70 to 90° Shore
  • High tear resistance
  • Low compression set
  • Good resistance to ozone, UV and high-energy radiation

Rubber mouldings

Technical rubber mouldings play an important part where the specific properties of rubber are required, e.g.:

  • Elasticity
  • Insulation
  • Damping
  • Dimensional stability

We recommend and produce mouldings from an extensive range of rubber types for diverse chemical, thermal and mechanical loads.

We have very well-established state of the art manufacturing processes for all batch sizes and for all difficulty levels that are adjusted to shape forming, tolerance requirements and material specifics.

Stampings, gaskets and handmade articles

Stampings are produced from sheets of different kinds of material and are used as flat gaskets, pads and covers in all areas of industry.

Depending on application and stress involved we process the following materials:

  • Rubber – smooth
  • Rubber – textured
  • Asbestos substitute
  • Plastics
  • Rubber-cork
  • and much more

We also produce handmade articles in small-batch sizes.

On request: By piercing, grinding, turning, bending and/or milling we produce articles according to drawings.