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From A like Automotive to S like Steel Industry

We are a partner for mechanical and plant engineering, vehicle construction, the electrical industry, the steel industry, medical technology and many other sectors. We speak their language and understand the specific needs of each industry. For many decades, we have been providing timely and flexible solutions that meet the industry- and project-specific requirements.

Automotive engineering /
Commercial Vehicles

Whether commercial vehicles, passenger cars, motorbikes or classic cars – our customers can rely on our expertise in the processing and supply of vibration damping technology, mouldings and more. Our solutions withstand harsh everyday conditions, in all types of weather.

Commercial Vehicles

For decades, we have been supplying renowned OEMs in the commercial vehicle industry. For our high-profile customers, we offer application engineering consultation and serve as a crucial development partner for custom-made special parts. Our cones, machine mounts, seals, rod end bearings and silicone buffers are installed in trucks, buses and special vehicles.

Cars / Motorbikes

Our highly specialised portfolio also includes mouldings for the bodywork sector, such as car door panels and motorbikes, which our customers use for well-known automotive and motorbike manufacturers.

Classic Cars

No matter what rubber-metal or rubber mouldings you need, we are the right partner when it comes to realising old engineered parts for spare part requirements. One example are engine mountings for classic cars.

Environmental Technology,
Mechanical and Plant Engineering

We offer a wide range of standard products for vibration isolation, damping and sealing for both mechanical and plant engineering. In addition, we develop and implement custom solutions according to customer requirements.

Mechanical Engineering

In the field of mechanical engineering, our solutions are used, for example, in dosing systems, screening machines, welding systems or compressors.

Plant Engineering

In the area of plant engineering, for example, we produce seals according to drawings, which can be used in filling plants, painting plants or plasma heat treatment plants.

Environmental Technology

For some time now, Teigler has been supplying components in the field of sealing technology, vibration isolation and, in particular, molded parts (Elastomer sieve stars) for environmental technology. Our articles are used, for example, in industrial water treatment, waste incineration or sorting and recycling plants.

Construction and Agricultural Machinery

We provide versatile component solutions for the construction and agricultural machinery industry. Our solutions meet the complex requirements of construction and agricultural machine systems – whether it’s improving comfort and reducing noise or enhancing efficiency and durability.

Construction Machinery

Our (modified) standard products and custom solutions find application particularly in decoupling vibrations or damping. We offer rubber-metal buffers, rubber-metal bars, bushes, cone bearings, machine mounts and custom engineered parts. Our solutions are used in mining excavators, wheel loaders, road milling machines and rollers.

Agricultural Machinery / Off-Road Vehicles

For horticultural machinery or clearing and off-road machinery, we offer diverse solutions using elastomers and polyurethanes. Our customers utilise our products for snow groomers, clearing vehicles/devices and horticultural machinery. Examples of our offerings include cabin mounts, impact buffers, sandwich buffers, clearing strips, cone bearings, bushes, machine mounts, polyurethane/Vulkollan articles (snowplough blades), elastomer articles (strips/cuttings) and wheels/rollers.


Power generation and energy technology have specific requirements for vibration damping and sealing. With our components, our customers can meet these requirements and contribute to the efficient and reliable generation and distribution of energy.

Power Distribution

We have extensive experience as a supplier and developer in the field of sealing technology and decoupling of oil-cooled transformers and other special products. Our sealing technology (cords, plates, O-rings) with particularly oil-resistant qualities is suitable for applications at high or low operating temperatures. Our customers use them to manufacture transformers or transformer components. In addition, we also offer transformer bearings, special products for power distribution such as LAN tapes, sealing papers and more.

Wind Energy / Power Plant Technology

Teigler offers both standard and custom solutions in the field of vibration isolation and decoupling for power control systems. For example, our cone bearings and rubber-metal buffers are used in control cabinets for wind turbines.

Steel and Heavy Industry

The steel and heavy industry is a sector with a long tradition, and we have been supporting it with our products from the very beginning. We supply not only replacement and wear parts but also engineered parts made from elastomers and polyurethane/Vulkollan for steelworks, blast furnaces, and cold and hot rolling mills. Our product range also includes elastomer bushes, special sealing technology (gaskets, including high-temperature resistant ones) and polyurethane/Vulkollan® buffers.

Building services Engineering

We have extensive experience in the field of building services engineering. In particular, we specialise in solutions for stabilisation and vibration isolation of cooling systems, heat pumps and ventilation/fan technology. We also supply rubber-metal buffers and rubber mouldings, either as standard or custom solutions.

Medical and Laboratory Technology

We are your partner with a wealth of experience in the field of packaging protection for medical injection devices and also manufacture special custom parts from elastomers according to your requirements. We support our customers with our packaging/wear protection and membranes. Our solutions are used in medical invasive technology, laboratory equipment or sonography devices.

Rail Vehicle, Track and Cableway Technology

Whether rail vehicles, track systems, ropeways or ski lifts – with our customized solutions and high-quality components, we help to ensure that our customers’ rail vehicles and ropeways can be operated reliably and safely in all weather conditions.

Rail Vehicle and Track Technology

High safety, long service life and ride comfort are the key requirements in rail vehicle and track technology. For that purpose, we offer ball joints and bushes, rubber bodies, axle springs, cone springs, layer springs, spring assemblies, wedge bearings and sealing profiles.

Cableway and Lift Technology

For several decades, we have also been a reliable supplier for customers in ropeway and ski lift technology.  With our high-quality rubber-metal buffers, molded rubber parts and (sealing) profiles minimize vibrations, provide resistance to weathering and ensure smooth operation.

Automation Technology and Robotics

We provide our customers with vibration damping and sealing technology using elastomers or polyurethane for demanding robotics/manipulator applications. Our custom engineered parts made from polyurethane or coated with polyurethane (such as gripper jaws for robots or sealing washers) make robot systems and welding equipment more “sensitive” and agile.